18-02 Start 2017

Forhistorie for kuflokk – nordisk samarbeid og store visjoner.

Et forsøk på et internasjonalt prosjekt bestående av representant fra Grønland, Danmark Latvia og Norge kom seg ikke ut av startgropa da den internasjonal prosjektleder ble langtidssykemeldt. Atelier Austmarka utviklet den visuelle delen av prosjektet videre.

Vi takker alle involverte i starten for den kompetansehevingen som ble resultatet.

Unfortunately the project stopped in Mai 2018. 

The project is implemented as a series of events realized in each of the participating countries – Norway, Greenland, Denmark, Latvia, consisting of two parts: a workshop and audio-visual performance. The project is based on an international collaborative network of professionals from various cultural disciplines and supporting/producing institutions. The network is expanded in every participating country, identifying specific circumstances, timeframe and collaborating institutions.

The project is realized as an experience-based active participatory programme. The younger generation’s need is to be introduced to and informed about historical lifestyle and traditions in a contemporary and interesting form, which in this case is done in the workshop. An important issue is also to show the possibility of working with cultural heritage in a new way (combining sound, visual art, information and live experience) which will be manifested in the final performance event. It is also significant that the project shows a young audience the similarities between Northern European traditional heritage and culture.

“Kua Govs» er en audio-visuell eksperimentell hendelse som alltid vil inneha interaksjon med publikum /tilfeldig passerende som mål.”

og link til den siden seff…..https://kua-govs.info/

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